Saturday, March 5, 2011

Go To Mangkang Zoo

My Style -novi-
Today, I went to the Mangkang Zoo, Semarang, Indonesia, with ten my dad's workers . At 6 am, my Mum prepared food for picnic. My family prepared 20 packs of food.
At 9 am, we went to the Zoo by two cars. 
Hei, you can looked my style before we go.

My Little Brother style -Andi-

-----------------------And, these are my Photo's Jurnal at Mangkang Zoo ---------------------
My dad's workers and her child

Andi give a peanut to the monkey

Me and my parents -Big Family-

I give a vegetable to the deer

A lake. There are water pedicap and boat

Its time to lunch!!! The food thats my mum made

The workers. They are so kind of human. Their child, so cute human. LOL.

Its time to swim!!!! Not to me!

I walked on rock road

Huh? you see that, i look big from there! Huft!

My Mum is sleeping under the tree

At plane. Not true plane. haha...

At home, Andi play football with his friends

The Players
The Supporter

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