Sunday, April 24, 2011


Justin, Justin, Who don’t know you? Everyone know who you are! And yesterday, u came to Indonesia to live in concert. Indonesia love you! Whooaa....
I hope that I have much money and chance to buy your tickets. I can’t see you yesterday!!!
Oh my God, I want too see Justin’s concer. Minimal, I can see the rocord concer.
Without I see live Justin’s concer, I get the info about the concert.
1.      About thousands bilibers come to Bogor Sentul International Convention Centre 23 April  2011 at 8 am to wait Justin’s concert at 8 pm. With 7.30 pm, The Gruvi band show the first perfomance.

2.      Price for a tickets is Rp 500.000 – Rp 2.500.000. But the price is changed to Rp 2.500.000 – Rp 10.000.000 (web Popmaya). There are 3000 tickets. Sorry, I mean 3000 in January. Until yesterday, 10.000 tickets sold out! Oh my God. Fantastic!!!

3.      Justin come at 3 pm with Selena Gomez. I love they so much. In Indonesia we have Justin and selena Gomez too. Chek this.
JB and SG in Soekarno Hatta Airport
Steven William is JB Indo n True JB
True SG
Yuki Kato is SG Indo
4.      80%  bilibers use a purple clothes. Many accesoris sell in SICC areas.

5.      Love Fool : Justin sing that song for first perfomance with jacket and white shorts, also wear a glasses with purple frame.

6.      Bigger : second song.

7.      He gave us joke, like this “How are you Indonesia, welcome to my world. Are you fun? I have a bigest fans and I always want make you smile. Because if you smile,..”
Lol :D He have a humor taste.
“U smile!!” answeres Indonesian Bilibers.
And U smile be the third song.

8.      Then, he brought a guitar to sang I Never Let You Go and Favorite Girl for acoustic.

9.      After that, he sing One Less Lonely Girl. And fans join to sing together.
Justin take one girl to the stage. Of course the girl was crying. Justin touch her cheek, (Oh My God, if the girl is me!!!). Justin give a white rose to that lucky girl!

10.  Then, Justin sing Stuck In The Moment. The background become to photos when Justin was child until now.

11.  He change the costume to shorts and sparkles black shoes with kacket and black hat. He sing Somebody To Love and Never Say Never without Jaden Smith’s rap.

12.  Justin break at the moment. Jamie Aditya with Beatbox group show their talent.

13.  The Justin’s dancers wear black and red costume. They ask audience to call Justin. Louder and louder. And Justin came out with sing One Love.

14.  Then he sing That Should Be Me. Justin introduce his four dancers to the audiences. He dance with Michel Jackson’ style. Robotic. And he play the drum. So, the audience scream again.

15.  Eeni Meenie make the audiences dance and sing together. Then he sing Pray. He sit in centre stage with hands up.

16.  The audiences say “We want more!” and a word show in LCD Background “REALLY?”
He give a joke again. Like this “You sure want more? What do you want to hear? Huh...I can hear?” say Justin.
The audiences answered, “Baby!”
“Oh this song.” And Justin sing Baby One More Time, Britney Spears song.
“Oh,  not this. May be this one!” and he sing lulaby.
But, finally, he sing the true Baby.
Baby baby baby, oh like. Baby baby baby no like... ( voice was terible. Don’t hear!)

Just it the info that I get from any web. 

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