Saturday, April 23, 2011

Malam Mingguan or Night Sunday :D

1. Waiting My Little Brother finished his Volley practice. And I was bored. U can see that!

 2. Went to Hoka-Hoka Bento CitraLand Semarang. Hokben is Japan Restaurant. At 3 pm. Asyikk...Yeey...!.  I'm so sad, because I forgot to take a picture. Uhm...But, I can show what we eat...

Hokben Logo

3. After we eat in Hokben, we bought snack at D'crepes. My favorit snack. Uhm...yummy, lazzisss (delicious).We bought a meal like this...
Pizza crepes. MeatLover

Choco Ice Crepes

 4. After we enjoy the snack, last food, we back to home at 5.30 pm. And, the accident was happened. I missing my home key!!! >.<
Of course, My Dad and My Mom fault me. Yeah, i accept it. :(
Andi up on the roof to take the other key. Ooh...thanks my little brother...

5. Back to my task was must be done now!

Bye :D

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