Friday, July 29, 2011

Goes To Water Blaster

Hi, today, I went to Water Blaster with my family and my friends.
In My dad's car, there are 9 people including him.
1. My dad
2. My mom
3. Me
4. My little brother, Andi
5. Fitri, my neighbour
6. Salsa, Andi's friend
7. Mrs. Anna, Salsa's mother
8. Naura, Salsa's little sister
9. And Fauzi, Salsa's brother
Okay, I've introduce they for you. And, this is our story goes to WB, Water Blaster...! Checkidot...

He is Andi, use his swim glasses with happy and antusias.

You can see where is me and Salsa? Oh, you can't find us in around Harry Potter! Lol.

You can't find me and Andi, right? We are in Narnia.

Andi be a sherk! Hihi...

Salsa, Andi, and Me in the locker room! Its so big room just for locker! My locker is RED number 22. Not yellow locker in that photo.
 Okey, I will tell you that we swim and into the water, we very busy and very hard to bring thi camera. So, I only can get pictures in start moment. Because that, im so sorry if my photos aren't complete.
We ask 8 buoys for us. My dad and My mom in one nuoy. Its so romantic.

I don't know this. My mom takes this picture. I think its just for fun for her. Its only accesoris.

That i Naura and My mom. They was swimming in Lazy River.

Naura was slide in yellow slider. And you know who is little girl in beside photo? She is Fitri. She have done to slide.
Hey...she is my mom. And I take that picture in wooden world.

Me and Fitri get one picture together.

This is in Ninja Warrior's Area. Andi and Fauzi start to fight.

And me? What Im doing? Yes, I just look they. Eventough Naura is brave to try challenge.

You can see, who are in the slider? Its me and Salsa. f course, Im yalled, "Moooom...!!!!"

And this photo is get before my ponsel give back in locker, becuse my Mom want to join swimming with us.
 After that, we make a train of buoys. So cool, but, I can't take that picture. Im so sad.
And this below photo is take after swimming.

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