Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday, 17 July 2011

 Hari Minggu, aku dan keluarga jalan-jalan di pantai. Bukan jalan-jalan, sih, karena kami naik mobil.
Dan inilah hasil jepretanku.
Photo's Convertation...

Me, and Andi, my little brother

Andi before swim

Im not swim

My Mom not swim too

Thats Andi and My Daddy. Swim to catch oyester

Sea Star

Look their hands bring oyesters? And their head into the water.

The oyesters

The live Oyester in the sand

My Dad isn't cold

Andi is cold

Back to home

Clening the oyesters

Boil the oyesters with Salam leaves and kencur.

The oyesters are ready to eat.

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