Saturday, October 29, 2011

Refreshing = Edit Photo

,Saturday, 29 Oct 2011 is not holiday for me.
Just at home..
Not go anywhere like usually,
My little brother go to the his girlfriend's home.
Actually he is going to his girlfriend, is no problem for me.
But, he say like this, "Where is your boyfriend, sist?"
and its make me angry with him.
"Andikaaaa.. I'll kill you bro!"

Andika was run fast , so I cant catch long him.
He ride his motorcycle..
an Im, stay at home,

My parents with their happy in their bedroom..
Im alone ...

No, Im not alone,
My task always with me.
Ya, my task...!!!

Until now, I've a lot of tasks...
I'll share some with you..
Yaah, may be can be your referensi..
I hope .
Visit my TaskLycious.

My task make me crazy, so I decide to editing my photos. And this my editing,

 So, thanks for listening my bored shared...
Thank you, and dont forget to listening my story again...


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