Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Theater, Theater, and Theater

Yesterday, I was staying at Nurul kost, because I practice a theater until midnight. For five semesters, I stay with Nurul for 3 times a week, while practicing theater, Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.
Novi : "Thank you, Nurul for your kindness."
Nurul : "Okay, no problem my friend."
Our theater that will show (Literature student State University of Semarang Indonesia force 2009) is 'TEROPONG'. Stories in this theater in the adaptation of the story of a great poet famous through poetry 'Aku'.
You know who he is right?

'TEROPONG' is a script written by Aziz and Kharis is the adaptation of the original story the main character, namely Chairil Anwar.
The characters are also included in the original manuscript, dealing with the main character.

-There Rossy, who real name in the real world is Roosmini.
- Sam, that is Syamsul Ridwan, Chairil friend.
- Yassin, which is actually the HB. Jassin.
- Anwar's mother.
- The last, and the most dialogue after a main character, is a figure Whore.

Ok, cukup sekian cerita singkat dari naskah teater yang akan kami pertunjukkan.
Doakan semuanya lancar, ya?


  1. Aku juga ingin seperti Chairil Anwar dengan karya nya yg begitu fenomenal! :D
    Good luck yah ;)
    anw, tampilan blognya bagus banget :D
    ijin follow yah :D

  2. Terimakasih...
    Aku juga ijin follow and collect banner ya? Thank you ^.^


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