Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bandengan Beach, Jepara

Horaay... visited to the Bandengan Beach, Jepara ..
Inilh perjalanan dua keluarga yg terdiri atas keluarga Suwoto dan keluarga Mince (my mum's friend)..
This my dad, our driver leader.
This is my little brother, Andi, and me, in the car
We arrived at 10 am.
the sun was shining bright at there
many people who have been swimming at the beach when we arrived
My dad and My Mum 
My mum and her Friend (Mrs. Mince)
Neneng, Me, Vita, Ayu, and Deva
Neneng, Ayu, Vita, Resha, Deva
Vita, me, Neneng, Resha
I'm happy to go into the water!
Father, Andy, Neneng, and Vita renting canoes to play waves.
Because not to be outdone, I also rent canoes and Resha!
Well, only we are brave, my mother, Mrs. Mince, Mince Miss grandmother, Deva and Ayuk bags are waiting in the gazebo.
Because the photographer (me) go into the water, I can not take pictures when we were having fun with canoes and surf! Sad ..  I re-take the picture when finished canoeing.
Guess how many seconds minutes hours we play in the water?
1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours? 4 hours!
Yeah right! 4 hours ...!
In that long time, managed to make my skin blackened! NO!
 Ayuk, VIta, Mrs. Mince (My Mum's friends),
Look! How black my skin!

To restore it as before, it takes at least 3 weeks!
And worse, next Tuesday, my family would picnic again to Water Blaster!
I do not want black! But I also want to swim!
How is this?
There is a cat!
because I like cats, cats are always stuck to me.
such as black and white cat who easily sleep on my bag.
After a shower and tried hard to persuade Neneng and Vita to immediately rinse the body, we continued our way home.
It must be hungry after the swim!
So we decided to eat Meatballs Balungan in Kudus!
2 hours from the Bandengan beach.
this is my father who too hungry.
this is my brother who was also hungry, even though just sleep in a car

☟My meatball

We arrived in Hyderabad at 5:30 pm.
After that I prepared for the exercises in the campus theater.
Ooh ... so tired ...!
But we're all happy!
An enjoyable vacation.
Wait for my post when playing at Water Blaster, next week, ok?
See you ...

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